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Cevher Heat Systems

BURSA Cevher Heat, operating in the Nilüfer Beşevler Industrial Zone, started its commercial activities with its agricultural and construction machinery dealerships. In 2008, by accelerating the research and design studies to meet the needs of the sector, the company has started production of floor calorific products between 25.000 Kcall and 40.000 Kcall belonging to the patisserie Cevher Ltd.Şti. In addition to heat systems, Atatürk University which belongs to our patent and B.14.2TBT. TÜBİTAK approved multi-purpose economic oven production are among our main activities.


Using the same energy, with a stovepower, floor heating, hot water, combined with efficient use of heat in the product, minimum fuel consumption


There is no contact between the cooking chamber and the smoke and fire according to the design. Homogeneous and leis cooking does not contain elements that will adversely affect human health.

Easy Setup

It provides easy installation and disassembly with a split body, and easy installation with wheels and portable.