Frenzy Barbecue CVR-F50

Frenzy Barbecue CVR-F50

Wide Oven provides all kinds of food to be cooked hygienically and homogeneously.

Cooking The grill enjoys the grill with the grill which is located in the inside of the burning compartment or on the side to be placed in the stove.

The air conditioning system is equipped with a blower with a specially designed heat exchanger and an average fan with an average of 200 C of idle heat to be installed.

Minimal heat loss with special heat transitions and thermal insulation.

Heating Capacity20.000kcal/h
Net weight200Kg.
Oven Inlet CoverHeight
325 mm.
Width510 mm.
Oven Temperature Display Range50-400 C
External DimensionsHeight1253 mm.
Width (W) 632 mm.
Size (L) 751 mm.
Chimney Outlet Diameter (D)130 mm.
Inside the oven (W x L) 500x500mm.