Different color options, outdoors, in the garden, camellia, on the terrace, on the balcony.

  • Teknik Özellikler
  • Explanation
Heating Capacity kcal/h
Net weight 450 Kg
Oven Inlet Port (H) Height cm
(W) Width cm
Oven Temperature Indicator Range 50-400 °C
External Dimensions (H) Height cm 162
(W) Width cm 102
(L) Size 94
Chimney Outlet Diameter (D) 14,45, 13 cm
Lower Furnace Inside (WXL) cm 80x80
Oven Inlet Port (H) Height cm
(W) Width cm
  • Double Oven using the same energy to cook many different products at the same time
    Since it is combustion from the bottom and there is no smoke and fire entering the oven, it provides a homogeneous and healthy cooking opportunity.
  • Cleaning and maintenance processes are easily carried out with the cleaning covers on the front.
    It has three parts with its special design, so that the assembly and maintenance operations can be carried out easily
  • To be able to cook all products such as bread, food, stew, pizza, fish, pies, etc. in a homogeneous and delicious way
  • All kinds of kebabs, wings, meatballs etc. can be placed on the tray to be placed in the Cooking
  • Oven or in the combustion chamber. The pleasure of cooking meat products easily.
  • Heat loss is minimized with special heat transitions and thermal insulation.